Tokenomics is the topic of understanding the supply and demand characteristics of cryptocurrencies.

$CRUN TOKEN: Total Supply: $CRUN

Community: %50

Liquidity boostrap: %40

Team: %2.5

Marketing: %2.5

Gen-0 (2000 free NFT claimers): %2.5

Testnet & Airdrop: %2.5

Fair Launch (no sale, no VCs)

Half of the NFT sale will be added to $CRUN-ETH liquidity.

The $CRUN token has a 5% tax for buys and sells; all tax money will directly go to liquidity for boosting.

Team, marketing, and Chicky Chicky DAO tokens have vested for 12 months. Each month, a total of 6 million coins will be unlocked.

All uncirculated community tokens will be burned each month!

The Testnet airdrop will be sent a week after the NFT sale.

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